torsdag 29. mai 2008

My first award!

As I came home today(after having a bad day at work), I found a message from Jennifer on my blog!
What a pleasant surprise!
She has given me my first award!

Thanks a lot!
You saved my day:)

I should pass it on to three people, and my choice wasn't hard to make, all though I wish I could have given it to a lot more, as there are so many talented cardmakers out there!
The three blogs I simply love are the blogs of
Marlene, Anita and Beatrix.
So be sure to check out their blogs and their wonderful creations!!

1 kommentarer:

Anonym 29. mai 2008 kl. 21:34  

Ooohh Milli, thank you so much for the honour!! soo nice and I love it :D

I have already received and shared this award before but am thrilled to receive it again :)

marlene xx